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We signed record number of contracts in 2017

Nowy Styl Group develops continually. Expert knowledge, research and consulting services, as well as vast experience in managing international projects have built the company's value and act as a ticket to cooperation with the biggest corporate and public administration clients. 2017 has been a record year for the company in terms of its signed international contracts.

21 11.2017

‒ The value of the four biggest international contracts we signed this year will exceed €100 m. This gives us a guarantee that the orders will reach the level of several million euros annually over the next few years – says Adam Krzanowski, President of Nowy Styl Group.

Public tenders

The Group has won two big government tenders in the Netherlands and Germany. As a result of the first, the company is now one of two exclusive furniture suppliers to the Dutch ministries and agencies for a minimum of three years. The estimated value of the orders will reach €8 m a year, and the Netherlands can extend the contract up to 10 years.

‒ It is the first big government tender of its kind in the Netherlands. 55% of the orders were given to the Dutch company Gispen; we have won second place ‒ mentions Adam Krzanowski. – The key aspect in the tender was a sustainable approach to furnishing offices. The Dutch are leaders in the circular economy, so for public orders they not only require very eco-friendly products, but also their service, repair and recycling. The fact that we managed to meet these requirements is an excellent endorsement for us. But it is also a motivation to invest in new organisational and product solutions for the circular economy. 

Nowy Styl Group will also service the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesratagentur für Arbeit) in Germany, for a minimum of two years. The company will supply comprehensive furniture solutions to the Agency's headquarters located in Nuremberg, and its local offices. The contract has been signed for two years with the possibility to extend it to four years. Its value amounts to approx. €4 m a year.

Corporate partners

As in previous years, Nowy Styl Group is intensively developing its network of corporate clients, who the company has been cooperating with in many markets. Clients include Deloitte, ABB, T-Mobile SA and DS Smith. Recently, a giant of the e-commerce market decided to start long-term cooperation with the Group and entrust it with furnishing offices in eight countries. In 2017, Nowy Styl Group has realised projects in Spain, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic for the company, at a total value of €2 m. In 2018, the Group will furnish other offices in France, Great Britain and Germany.

Nowy Styl Group has also signed a framework agreement with the biggest industrial company in Europe. The Group estimates that projects to equip offices in Poland, Great Britain and France (the markets the company has been entrusted with) will guarantee orders for the next three years, the total value of which will be €5 m.

‒ This year's contracts are the result of a well considered strategy and the process of investing in European markets. Recently, we have focused on integrating the companies we acquired in previous years from Germany and Switzerland. We are implementing our IT systems, transferring production of components from the West to Poland, and unifying our product range. For us, long-term contracts mean stability and safety, but also the possibility to optimise our company in many different areas, for example, in production and logistic processes as well as in purchasing – concludes the President of Nowy Styl Group.

Forum Seating solutions in Qatar

2017 has also been a successful year for Forum Seating, one of Nowy Styl Group's brands. 140,000 seats manufactured by the brand will be installed at stadiums being built for the 2022 Qatar World Championship in football. Last spring, Nowy Styl Group signed an agreement with a local company ‒ Coastal Qatar – under which it supported the launch and granted a licence to produce Abacus chairs. Complementary stadium equipment, for example for the VIP sectors, will be manufactured in Poland.


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