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Acoustic comfort

Different needs

A key approach is to minimise the number of distracting factors that prevent employees from reaching the optimal level of concentration in the office space. Research on workplaces shows that 85% of office employees claim that a low level of noise is one of the most important factors influencing their well-being at work. Unfortunately, offices based on the open space concept do not provide the right conditions for concentrated work. Because of this, employees have difficulty in focusing on the tasks they perform, and 53% of people get distracted when trying to concentrate (Gensler, 2013).

Gensler. (2013). U.S. Workplace Survey. 1–26
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Noise reduction

Smart space planning
Another key aspect is the correct arrangement of desks in a shared space. Team members should sit together, helping eliminate undesired noise due to movement or loud conversations. To facilitate communication, it is also worth sectioning off meeting zones where employees can exchange their thoughts freely. It is also advisable to design silent rooms for managers and employees who perform creative or analytical work.
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Noise reduction

One way to eliminate undesired noise is to increase the acoustic absorption of a space. This can be achieved with suspended ceilings, carpets or wall panels, which absorb some of the acoustic energy and reduce the echo effect. Another good solution is to install panels between desks, which prevent the noise generated from spreading. The quality of office devices is very important as well – the better they are, the less undesired noise they will produce.

Classical music

Good solutions do not only involve rearranging a space. Employees can increase their concentration and efficiency by wearing headphones and listening to their favourite music. The best results can be achieved by listening to classical music that influences people’s spatial imagination, reasoning and logic, as well as improving their memory.

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Office solutions

Acoustic consulting service

It is best to make decisions about what solutions are necessary to ensure acoustic comfort, such as where sound-absorbing or sound-isolating products should be placed in the office, using measurements taken with professional equipment.

You can use our acoustic consulting service at the very beginning of a project – when you plan a new space, or once you recognise inconveniences in the existing space. We are able to eliminate both real and potential problems that decrease or cause a lack of acoustic comfort.

Team of acousticians

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